March MADness: Should've Messaged vs. No Subject Line image

Today’s match-up is all about getting email wrong. Projects or even simple decisions can take many times longer to accomplish if you’ve chosen the wrong way to communicate them. Which email mistake is worse?

When They Should’ve Messaged

If there is an important or time-sensitive issue that the team needs to see, an email-only approach can be a disaster. For these questions, even checking your email twice a day is not enough. You’ll miss the boat. What’s worse is that emails can get pushed down deep into the inbox, making it even more difficult to reply promptly.

When They Forgot a Subject Line

Or, in a haste, someone has composed an important email and zipped it off to the stakeholders without any subject line. A day or several later, you might stumble onto the unmarked email only to find that it was an issue that should have been addressed sooner, if only you had been able to understand the nature of the message!


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